Introducing our new Server Switcher!

Distance between your computer or device and the server your site resides on can be crucial for loading times. That’s why we’ve decided to give you some options when it comes to where you want your site hosted.

We’ve now got servers in four locations:

Image result for united states flag   The United States

Image result for hong kong flag    Hong Kong

Image result for china flag     Mainland China

Image result for south korea flag    Korea

That covers a lot of places, and helps you and your site’s users to connect to your site as quickly as possible, cutting down on load times by full seconds.

And we’re letting you choose when you sign up! You’ll see our Server Switcher right there on the order form for each hosting account you sign up for. So faster speeds are just a click away.

To celebrate, we’re offering you a deal on giving our new Server Switcher a shot.

Purchase a new hosting package for a new domain using the coupon code “SERVERS” and you’ll get 10% off the hosting!

You can set up a new hosting account on the server of your choice right now, for less. This offer only lasts through the end of May though, so hurry.

Already got a site you want hosted on one of the new servers? That’s fine! Just contact our support team and we’ll transfer your site to the new server right away, free of charge!

We believe in giving our customers options, because sometimes the only person who knows what’s best for your site or your business is you.

Click to get started with your new hosting account now, or just contact our team to move your site to the server you think is best.

Happy switching!

May Upgrades

May is here, which means lots of rain for lots of folks, so we thought we’d bring you a little promotion to brighten your day.

All month long, upgrade to WordPress hosting or the Power Plan Plus at the introductory rates! They’re listed below:




$2.99 / month

$3.99 / month

$5.99 / month

POWER PLAN +PLUS (4-5 years)
$4.99 / month

POWER PLAN +PLUS (3 years)
$5.99 / month

POWER PLAN +PLUS (2 years)
$6.99 / month

Just send an email to telling us which plan you’d like to upgrade to, and we’ll get you all set up at the introductory rates, AND give you credit for any remaining time left on your hosting.

Sounds like a pretty bright deal, yeah? But hurry, because this offer is only valid through May 31st!
All plans will renew at the regular rates.
This promotion only applies to the plans stated. It does not apply to addons, domains, or other hosting plans.
Prices vary based on your billing cycle. For pricing questions, email For promotional questions, email
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