Poll: Added Account Security

Security is of paramount importance to us, but we also don’t want security measures to impede our service’s ease of use. For this reason, I’ve decided to put a question forth to you, our customers, to see what you’d like for us to do.

Recently, we’ve been noticing an influx of customers requesting that either a PIN or a secret question/answer be added to their Account Managers to make sure that only they (or other verified users) have access to it. While we do verify accounts in other ways, this added measure makes absolutely sure only verified users have access to billing information with WebHostingPad.

I’ve been mulling over whether or not a security PIN should be made a requirement across all accounts in our system. It is, in my opinion, something that should be done. I think it’s a relatively painless way of making sure only you have access to your account. My apprehension with doing this is that I don’t want it to be seen as a hassle for you to get access to your account.

So, we’re going to do this the democratic way. You can vote below as to whether or not you’d like a PIN added. We’ll keep the poll open for a couple of weeks so plenty of people have time to place their votes.

[poll id=”2″]

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