Power Plan Plus Features Explained

We’ve recently overhauled our Power Plan Plus package to offer even more great features, allowing you to get the most out of your hosting account. These features allow you to run your websites more quickly and more securely.

1. Power Plan Plus Only Servers – We are now deploying servers that are dedicated to Power Plan Plus customers only. These servers will host fewer accounts than those servers with Power Plan customers, which in turn allows you to use more processing power than before.

2. 2X Computing Power – You’ll have twice the available computing power than you would on our regular shared hosting servers. That means twice the memory and CPU, allowing your websites to run more quickly and efficiently.

3. SSD Database Storage – All database drives on the Power Plan Plus servers are SSD, which run over 50% faster than standard hard drives. This is especially important for database driven websites as they will load information much more quickly.

4. Automatic Malware Scanner – Keeping your account secure from hackers is important. Our automatic malware scanner will scan uploads made by FTP or the cPanel file manager to check and see if anything malicious is being uploaded.

5. Automatic Malware Quarantine – If malware is detected on your account we will automatically quarantine the files so that the hackers can’t take control of your account.

All these features are designed to give you a faster, more secure hosting environment. If you’re currently hosted on our old Power Plan Plus you can upgrade and simply pay the difference for your remaining term.

If you’d like to upgrade from the Power Plan to the Power Plan Plus we’ll upgrade you at the introductory rates! That’s a savings of up to $120!

Contact Us to get your upgrade.

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